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Tony Minnion


I’ve played double bass, bass guitar and sung with a wide range of unlikely London-based musicans
including Stu P D'idiot, Rosalie Stileto de Boot and Hermine as well as Peking Opera
and Orchestra Ra Ra - an Italian big band featuring wall of sound accordians!

The regular work was with 'Cut Loose' an agitprop rockabilly outfit followed by Alt Country
trailblazers 'The Rivals' - featuring the virtuousity of pedal steel supremo BJ Cole,
Chris Thompson on Banjo. Bob Loveday on fiddle, Jacqui Callis on vocals and Pete Lambert
on Drums.

Out of this sprung the much aclaimed acoustic trio Devils in Disguise followed by Idlewild
and brief spells with Big Steve's A La Tex and Louisiana Zydeco master-fiddler Piere Lerue.

Since 2004 I’ve been enjoying playing with the best of Cornwalls bluegrass and Old Time musicians
at numerous sessions throughout the county as well as playing most weekends in Cornwall's busiest
hillbilly dance band -

Cahooty photo by Mary Alice Pollard

Recent Paintings:tonyminnionpaintings.co.uk